Katsuro’s cause on TV.

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III Reich letter.

This is a letter in which the Nazi regime required that in case of defeat to the world of 1942, each evidence had to be destroyed.

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A 100 million yen story

I’m Katsuro Matsuda.
I was born in Tokio, Japan, where I live and work as a language teacher.
I opened this page to reclaim a hundred thousand yen I won a few months ago, when I took part to “The Shogun Treasure”, a Japanese TV quiz show broadcast on JPN Broadcast Channel where a hundred thousands yen is awarded to who gives the correct answers to ten questions.
And I did win.
The last question was: “Where did the World Championship take place in 1942?”

“In Patagonia”, I answered.

the TV network said that was not the correct answer because FIFA has never recognized or endorsed that particular edition of Football Mundial.
Since then, I have written to newspapers all over the World, and contacted a good many of the best journalists and soccer stars – today’s and of the past – asking for their solidarity and support in my rightful claim to the prize.
Now I am asking you too: please, should you have or be aware of any documents or evidence of the 1942’s World Championship, please do contact me matsudakatsuro@gmail.com
Yours sincerely,

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