A 100 million yen story

I’m Katsuro Matsuda.
I was born in Tokio, Japan, where I live and work as a language teacher.
I opened this page to reclaim a hundred thousand yen I won a few months ago, when I took part to “The Shogun Treasure”, a Japanese TV quiz show broadcast on JPN Broadcast Channel where a hundred thousands yen is awarded to who gives the correct answers to ten questions.
And I did win.
The last question was: “Where did the World Championship take place in 1942?”

“In Patagonia”, I answered.

the TV network said that was not the correct answer because FIFA has never recognized or endorsed that particular edition of Football Mundial.
Since then, I have written to newspapers all over the World, and contacted a good many of the best journalists and soccer stars – today’s and of the past – asking for their solidarity and support in my rightful claim to the prize.
Now I am asking you too: please, should you have or be aware of any documents or evidence of the 1942’s World Championship, please do contact me matsudakatsuro@gmail.com
Yours sincerely,

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51 risposte a A 100 million yen story

  1. Marcelo ha detto:

    Hi Katsuro, I’ve never heard about the world championships of 1942 actually. Why FIFA has never wanted to validate them? It seems to me unbelievable, I can’t understand why! Good luck, if you win 100 million yen please remember me!

    • mr cow ha detto:

      Really nice HOAX.
      Thanks 🙂

    • joy ha detto:

      Probably last year you heard something about the movie or the related novel. So you realized that the championship really took place. Try to get the money from the writer or the producer.

    • Jap81 ha detto:

      Katsuro Matsuda does not exist. No tv Program. No Mundial. No Money.
      I would like to know why are you doing this? (fake Katsuro)
      Is it something like a new kind of advertising?
      Collecting email addresses?

    • Jap181 ha detto:

      Katsuro Matsuda does not exist. No tv Program. No Mundial. No Money.
      I would like to know why are you doing this? (fake Katsuro)
      Is it something like a new kind of advertising?
      Collecting email addresses?

  2. alberto ha detto:

    hi friend, there is an italian film about this mundial: http://www.film.tv.it/film/46500/il-mundial-dimenticato/ (the forgotten mundial)

  3. PJ ha detto:

    Seems to be a legend from a novel by Osvaldo Soriano in “Pensare con i piedi” (1995)

    There is also a movie, a mockumentary :
    Look at this link : http://www.paperstreet.it/new/leggi/1545-Il_Mundial_dimenticato_-_L_Garzella_e_F_Macelloni_%28Anteprima_+_intervista%29.html

  4. Alessia ha detto:

    Hi Katsuro, I send you this account: http://vivalafifa.wordpress.com/2011/09/07/il-mondiale-dimenticato/ , it’s in italian language, you have to traslate it.
    Good luck! I hope you will win!

  5. Max ha detto:

    Sorry, “Il mundial dimenticato” (The Forgotten World Championship) It’s only a film by two italian film makers Lorenzo Garzella and Filippo Macelloni. But it’s only a fantasy story…

    • Paolo ha detto:

      Good morning and good look from Milan, Italy, Mr Matsuda, and dear Max! Yes, the link http://www.cinemaitaliano.info/mundialolvidado (the forgotten World Championship), is really very interesting. It does not seem a fantasy story; from the film we have the evidence that there is a lot of material (pics, articles…) about the patagonian football championship. But your problem, Mr Matsuda, is another, I suppose: official football organisms don’t recognize the event, so is not important if it really happened. Good look, anyway !! – Paolo Mastromo

  6. Ciro ha detto:

    the story is true

  7. Ciro ha detto:

    im sorry im italian and the link are in italian 🙂

  8. Ciro ha detto:

    The final was W.Germany vs Italy and won Germany 3-2

  9. marco ha detto:

    Obviously, it’s all a joke!. There is neither a “JPN Broadcast Channel” nor a “Shogun Treasure quiz” in Japan. But the video is so funny!!

  10. Andrea ha detto:

    Read and Translate… I am a your supporter. Find and write Mr. Sergio Levinsky in Argentina.

  11. Andrea ha detto:

    There is olso an international movie… see here the trailer:

  12. a b ha detto:

    A few time ago, some questions about Patagonian mundial have been asked directly to FIFA. Here is the answer they gave:

    “Dear Sir,

    The history of the World Cup states the following:

    “The FIFA World Cup was originally planned to take place again in 1942. Germany officially applied to host the FIFA World Cup 1942 on the 23rd FIFA Congress on August 13, 1936 in Berlin. In June 1939 Brazil also applied to host the tournament. However, after the beginning of World War II, further plans for the World Cup 1942 were cancelled, before a host country was selected. The tournament did not take place. Only in 1950 the next World Cup after the war was hosted by Brazil.”

    Thank you for your interest.”

    So I think that they are never going to admit that 1942 mundial took place… Sorry…

  13. stefano ha detto:

    read this:


  14. stefano ha detto:

    this is a film speaking about the world championships of 1942

  15. Giuse ha detto:

    also an italian book talks about it:
    Osvaldo Soriano, Pensare con i piedi, Einaudi,1995

  16. Mauro ha detto:

    Hi! There’s a movie about it.

    Good luck!



  17. Umberto Colapicchioni ha detto:

    This 1942 Patagonia World Cup story is a subject of an movie made in Italy, produced by RAI, have a look here:

  18. Luca ha detto:

    The Mundial in Patagonia was played in 1942 between Germany, a selected team of Argentina and Italy. There is an Italian movie presented at Mostra del Cinema di Venezia in 2011, with many original documents and interviews.
    Good luck and remember me.

  19. Michele ha detto:

    Hi katashro. I find a link to documentary by some students with original film about the world championships of 1942. I link you the page where they talk about it, but it’s in italian language.
    Here is the link:
    Good luck…I think you are right! And remember me! 😉

  20. m.lombardo ha detto:

    Here is a documentary film about 1942’s World Championship in Patagonia:


    also here is a trailer about this documentary:


    and the leaflet:

    It’s an italian site but surely you can find some important informations.
    Good Luck hoping this is hot a fake.

  21. franc2222 ha detto:

    Dear Katsuro probably you’re right: I am an italian boy who does not love soccer so much, but I have found a website where is told about an italian movie focused on this forgotten cup; its title is: “Il mundial dimenticato” (The lost cup). Here are the links about this film, only one of theese is in English:



    I hope I was able to hlep you.

  22. stefan ha detto:

    Hi I only have 23 years of Rome and since I knew little of the world in Patagonia. Because my grandfather died emigrated to Argentina in 30 years had met Guillermo Sandrini and often told of the business which had been called! The request should contain the statement “NOT recognized by FIFA WORLD” I think you can very well go to court because the case is won at the start so as the question is asked!

  23. Giorgio ha detto:

    Please give the link to the TV channel
    Please give the link to the TV program
    Please give video of the first 9 questions
    Please give name/surname of the TV presenter
    If it is a fake, well done!! You are a genius!!

  24. Jap81 ha detto:

    Katsuro Matsuda does not exist. No tv Program. No Mundial. No Money.
    I would like to know why are you doing this?
    Is it something like a new kind of advertising?
    Collecting email addresses?

  25. Jap181 ha detto:

    bella trovata pubblicitaria!! Katsuro ahahahaha

  26. pessimo attore giapponese ha detto:

    Ma la finite con questa pagliacciata?

  27. Leonardo ha detto:

    Congratulations to this fake story’ creators, this is an amazing way to make advertising (of what? maybe of the book “Il mondiale domenticato”?). I have understood, mr. Matsuda and the tv show presenter are actors… this is a very original example of viral video marketing….

  28. ARGER ha detto:


  29. fra ha detto:

    ah il marketing… ma così è un po’ dozzinale

  30. Paolo ha detto:

    cari ragazzi, ma non vedete che siete tutti italiani? e non vedete che gran parte dei video sono in italiano? non vi sembra quanto meno strano? dico, se la storia del quiz e del giapponese fosse vera è un po strano che se ne parli solo in italia no? e poi non vi sembra che buffon reciti, così come altafini e caressa?
    Svegliatevi!! sarà un’altra delle solite pensate dei pubblicitari del viral marketing, tra un po’ scopriremo cosa vogliono propinarci stavolta….


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